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Akubra /əˈkuːbrə/ is an Australian hat manufacturer. The company is associated with bush hats made of rabbit fur felt with wide brims that are worn in rural Australia. The term “Akubra” is sometimes used to refer to any hat of this kind, however, the company manufactures a wide range of hat styles including fedora, homburg, bowler, pork pie, and trilby.

The name is claimed to derive from an Aboriginal (possibly Birpai) word for a head covering.

variety of styles

Over 100 different styles, various colors, and brim widths are produced in the Akubra hat range. The hats are popularly thought of as being worn by older people in rural Australia however in the 1920s Akubra was known more for making “fashion hats” such as Fedoras. The company sells hats in rural and urban areas. In 2014 it was reported that about 140,000 to 180,000 Akubras are sold every year, including “bucket loads” in Melbourne around Melbourne Cup time.



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