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Chullo (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtʃuʎo], from Aymara: ch’ullu) is an Andean style of hat with earflaps, made from vicuña, alpaca, llama or sheep’s wool. Alpaca has wool-like qualities that help to insulate its wearer from the harsh elements in the Andean Mountain region. Chullos often have ear-flaps that can be tied under the chin, to further warm the wearer’s head.

Hats have been used in the Andean Mountain region by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Wearing different types and colors has significance among certain Andean natives.[citation needed] According to Peruvian historian Arturo Jiménez Borja, the Chullo has its origins in the cultural exchange between Spaniards, who incorporated elements of their birretes and the original hat of the Andeans.


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