Film process, Iran

Farewell to the Land of sudden Searing Rains

We are happy and proud to announce that our journey in Khuzestan in search for the varieties of ethnic headwear and their significance have finally concluded.

Although we can never begin to thank all those who have helped us in our journey, we will try and mention some of those whose welcoming faces and warmth embraces which made the hardships of our expedition ever more pleasant.

We have left Khuzestan with a wealth of knowledge which was far greater than all of our expectations; however, Khuzestan has not completely left us! Not even for an instance since our departure. There has been not a single splash of warm raindrop, nor a far hint of Orange-blossom-scent, which wouldn’t take us back to the land where people’s kindness and generosity can always catch you by surprise, just as the blitzing outpour of Abadan’s summer rain.

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