It is, and always have been,

All About Your Hat


From French revolution to JFK Assassination

We will follow the hats throughout history

follow the documentary as it is being produced.

And take a chance to learn everything there is about  

 humans and their hats!


Empire State Crown

The Imperial State Crown is one of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom and symbolises the sovereignty of the


Futou (襆頭), also known as the wushamao (烏紗帽), is the headwear of Ming dynasty officials, consisting of a black hat


Kabuto (兜, 冑) is a type of helmet first used by ancient Japanese warriors, and in later periods, they became

Flat cap

A flat cap (sometimes “scally cap”) is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front, originating in Ireland.

Campaign hat

A campaign hat, sometimes called campaign cover, is a broad-brimmed felt or straw hat, with a high crown, pinched symmetrically

Producer and Direector:

Behjoo Khazaee

With a reach and colorful resume, from teaching animation and communication studies to bachelor and master’s students, to founding an independent media studio in Tehran, Behjoo boasts that his most important skill is maintaining his own independent personality.


Bahar Taheri

From theatre director and playwright to master puppeteer and CEO of an interior design company, these are only some of the titles which comprise Bahar’s rich professional background.

With an all-time leveled head and an uplifting spirit she oversees all the day to day activities and production events.


Mostafa Dehghanian

Mostafa have been working as CINEMATOGRAPHER in different genre ranging from cinema to TV commercial since 2004, simultaneously he have been following photography as a freelance artist since 2013.

 Mostafa has worked as the director of photography for more than a hundred TV commercials for major brands in Iran and many independent films. He have had three solo photo exhibitions and have participated in 5 group photo exhibition.

You can read all about Mostafa Dehghanian and his work Here

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